Captive Power Plants

The rapid decrease in solar power costs and solar power being accepted as a proven technology continue to make it to the headlines and hog the limelight in the energy spectrum.

Electricity for industrial/commercial use is higher and it consumes the major share of the company revenue. Many enterprises today are interested in owning solar power plants in order to significantly reduce their electricity expenses. Solar Captive energy generation is the best solution for all type of commercial institutions to curb their power expenses.

Marvel Green Energy can help companies with the right solutions in this regard.

A captive solar power plant is of two kinds:

On-site captive plants – which are usually erected in the premises of the company. These are usually erected on the rooftops of buildings in order to make optimal use of area available.

Off-site captive plants – which is erected on a suitable parcel of land and could be miles away from the point of energy consumption. Power is generated from these solar plants and is transmitted across the utility grid and consecutively used by the company.