Integrated Solar Roofing or Solar Roof Tiles Installation

Solar Roof Tiles are Built Integrated Photovoltaic Solutions provided by Marvel Green Energy. The Solar Roof Tile generates power and also doubles up as a roof. The Solar Roof Tile is an Architects delight and customers pride. Marvel Green Energy has been at the forefront of cutting edge technology and innovation in Solar for many years.

We have also kept the rates at par with conventional panel along with mounting structure so that there is not much of an incremental cost to switch over to Solar Roof Tile. Eco-conscious home and building owners might find Solar Roof tile especially attractive when they are re-laying the tiles anyway since the solar roof tiles also double as functional, protective and weatherproof roof tile in their own right. Also it allows for light to pass through it to give a very vibrant feel inside the home.

solar roof panels are a popular, attractive, and durable solar energy solution. They can be installed on most roof styles and materials, including metals.

  • Solar panel roofing is designed to sit 3-4” above your roof on a lightweight aluminum rail system.
  • The solar modules shade your home from the sun, lowering AC costs and extending the life of your roof.
  • Sleek, streamlined construction makes solar roof panels virtually maintenance free.
  • Expert design and installation of these roof mounted systems makes them a durable and effective alternative to solar roof tiles.